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Iran Contemporary

SHOLEH ABGHARI gallery is pleased to announce IRAN CONTEMPORARY from July 30 to November 30. The exhibition will take place in Marbella, Spain.

The exhibition showcases 15 carefully selected works by 7 Iranian artists from the age of 30 to 85 years old. The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the artworks and different medium and various moments from different decades.

IRANIAN art and culture reflects a 5000 year old civilization. Shaped by a diverse culture and resulting in various art forms such as Painting and
Miniature, Weaving Rugs, Pottery and Ceramics, Poetry and Music, Calligraphy and beyond.

Contemporary art movements began in the 70’s when the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art was built just before the Iranian Monarchy changed to
the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Dynamic of the art and the art scene has changed after the revolution. The movement continued with the post
Iran-Iraq war artists and finally the movement was established in 2000. IRAN CONTEMPORARY is an exhibition that has gathered 14 artworks
from 7 emerging and established Iranian artists living in Iran from 6 different decades.

In each work, by manipulating the traditional Iranian art, the artist has created a form of contemporary art. These forms have occurred through such influences like: Persian Poetry, Iranian/Islamic Architecture, Iran’s Landscapes and Calligraphy. The exhibition contains different types of medium and materials like steel, fiberglass, gold leaf, oil and acrylic paint color.

The aim of the exhibition is to support the Iranian art and culture in a foreign environment during a particularly difficult and challenging period in
Iranian history and to promote the Iranian artworks among western collectors.


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