JULY 21st

Summer Group Show Edition II

JULY 21st

Summer Group Show Edition II

Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery is pleased to announce the second edition of the summer group show. The exhibition showcases works by internationally known artists: Paul Rousso, Gavin Rain, Alexander Zuleta, Shirin Hosseinvand, Debbie Wingham and Malcolm Roxs.

Sholeh Abghari gallery has organized an opening event on the 21st of July, collaborating with Kiros Paris Jewelry and Creators along with the live performance of the artist, Malcolm Roxs.

Malcolm Roxs is an Argentinian performer and painter. His Demolition Painting Show is stage act in which he rapidly creates paintings of notable figures of popular culture. His shows combine the spirit of music, art and paints.

Kiros Paris
The name Kiros literally means “The King”, which fittingly describes the brand that endows a sense of royalty, power and eminence to its wearer. In 2014, Kiros Jewels, with bases in Spain, Hong Kong, India and France, launched a concept – based brand called Kiros Paris. The founder, Mr. Manish Jain, is a reputable gemologist, consultant, jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, with network of numerous brands and hundreds of clients around the world.

Paul Rousso (1958, United States) is an American – born visual artist and innovator. His works is shown at galleries and art fairs around the globe, held in private collections over North America, Europe, the Middle Est and beyond, and numerous public projects of his appear across the United States. His fascination with paper – currency, advertising, newspapers, magazines – its history and use, its rise and fall, is an emblematic them reflected frequently in his compositions. His work is deliberately attainable to nearly every viewer and yet his classical training shines through as time – honoured artistic conventions are woven through his work.

Gavin Rain (1971, South Africa), he has been painting his whole life, but started with pointillism around 2004. Very influenced by Seurat, Russian avant garde art of the 1900’s and many architects. Rain’s paintings consist of small concentric dots painted in different colors of acrylic paint. From distance your eye puts these colors together into one. He starts his paintings by making a sketch of the portraits he wants to paint. To decide the place it the dots, he either uses a grid, made of strings (takes about ten hours to make), or projection. Then he picks the colors for the final dots. He starts by deciding the final color that he wants a dot to be and starts working backwards. Rain has a list of 14.000 dots that he has made, out of this list, he picks the combination that creates the color he wants.

Alexander Zuleta (1984, Guatemala) is a visual artist who challenges contemporary classifications. He works with formal painting techniques and other experimental tendencies in painting. His works and proposals have now responded to his personal concerns that are derived from concepts, reflections and emotional experiences of his country and abroad in public spaces and the questioning of the production of the new globalized world. Today his work is the object of being part of private collections in various parts of the world.

Debbie Wingham is a world – renowned multimedia artists. She started her career in haute couture and has gone on to explore a multitude of art forms and materials over the years, becoming famous for creating a series of the world’s most expensive items, including objets d’arts, shoes, dresses, accessories and even cakes. Nowadays, Debbie is best known as the “Queen of the Worlds Most Expensive”. With a global following and more than 50 TV shows under her belt and above 100 magazine covers, her high – profile clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Dubai Tourism, Kempinski Group and Accor Hotel Group. Frequently using upcycled materials, she is also a leader in Eco – Luxury.

Shirin Hosseinvand, is an Iranian – American artist living and working in different parts of the worlds, Tehran, Paris, Toronro, New York and DC, her focus is mainly on giving an ethnic identity to the concept of globalization and mass production, she believes that globalization and industrialism has developed cultural interaction between nation but it’s lacking the identity that ant culture can offer to a product. She employs master mirror cutters to re – create Coke cans, turning the iconic shape and logo into outsized visual mazes whose beveled, glittering surfaces and bright colors (gold, green and silver). By melding emblems of the world’s most recognized multinational brand with those of a sacred tradition, Hosseivand demonstrates how seemingly antithetical forms can be made to cohere.

Malcolm Roxs, in as Argentinian artist born in Buenos Aires in 1980. Working primarily in paintings and performance. During the last years he made works for Iggy Pop, Farah Pahlavi, Francisco Goya exhibition, Sven Vath, New Balance, Troyka Multispace, Maccio Theatre…
Malcolm performance combine the spirit of music, art, fashion with fresh visuals, paints and projections.



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