Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition by Gavin Rain, Sveta Amova & Cristina Iturrioz from December 9th 2022 until February 9th 2023.

Featuring artists:

Gavin Rain (South Africa, 1971)
Having painted from a young age, Rain arrived at his Neo-Pointillist style in 2004, which he developed over a period of a few years. Through his works, Rain aims to force viewers to acknowledge that part of the narrative of each painting is hidden in plain sight, whereby it is impossible to see the subject of the painting until the viewer takes a few steps back. He starts his paintings by making a sketch of the portrait he wants to paint. To decide the place of the dots on the canvas, he either uses a grid, made of strings, or projection. He starts by deciding the final colour that he wants a dot to be and starts working backwards. Rain has a list of 14.000 different dots that he has made. Out of this list, he picks the combination that creates the colour he wants.

Sveta Amova (1981)

Hypnotizing geometrical shapes and psychedelic colors in a new conceptual series of an artist S. Amova is a mini portal to the world of big tennis. Being a passionate fan of the sport and an amateur player herself, she decided to recycle used tennis balls and to give them a new life in her artworks.
Behind their decorative, joyful and playful mood, there is an important message to thoughtful consumption and social responsibility of taking care of the environment. With a minimal use of forms and colors the works acquire a maximal emotional charge of a tennis atmosphere and aesthetics. Each artwork is a ‘small world’ with its own story and energy of the players of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

Crisyina Iturrioz (Spain, 1967)
At the beginning of 2014, Cristina came to the conclusion that the simplest and easiest form was at the same time the most elegant and artistic. She found that form in the egg as the origin and core of life, as the beginning and genesis of a long vital sequence, which would give her support and basis for all her expressive desires and artistic concerns. In this way the series El huevo (The Egg) was born, in which the author has given way, in egg-shaped forms, to all the ideas that bubble up in her mind. Let us remember that art is concept, beyond its artistic or ornamental sense.

Gavin rain

Sveta Amova

Cristina Iturrioz


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