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1979, Iran
Shahriar Ahmadi Contemporary Modern Artist at sholeh abghari art gallery marbella

Artist Profile


1979, Iran

SHAHRIAR AHMADI started self-training calligraphy by himself before he starts the Art School. During his professional career, Shahriar Ahmadi has tried to maintain the relation between the image and the text in his work in accordance with the Iranian painting tradition.

This relationship, through the influence of the abstract expressionist movement, has created a new form of art, which, while purely formalistic, also expresses poetic concepts. For this reason, Shahriar Ahmadi’s painting curtains can be seen as a confrontation between narration and abstraction. Another feature of his other paintings is the skillful use of brilliant colors derived from Iranian painting. The artist spontaneously uses a variety of color palettes and repeatedly paints a color on another color, covers the form with another form, and is the result of the form-shaped forms of a thousand-pound that is in a diffuse combination, a new form of destruction and reintegration Translated into visual language. This being and lack of, finding and fading is rooted in the thoughts of Iranian mysticism, which is expressed in the words of poets such as Rumi, Hafez and Khayyam, and in the present world is reminiscent of painting. The texture of this type of painting is progressively shaped to bring human and animal figures to the limits of abstraction and exaggeration, and exhibits a new meaning in organic expressions in an expressionist action.

In 1995, he won the First Environment Award in Japan and in 2007 he won the international Painting

Biennial of the Islamic world. He had more than fifteen individual exhibition in Tehran, Zurich, Lucerne, Dubai, Istanbul, London and more than 150 group exhibitions in Iran, switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, USA, Turkey, UAE, Japan, Venezuela, Lebanon, Kuwait, China and others.

His works kept in prestigious private and government collections and the museums.

He was invited to Lucerne, Switzerland in 2010 by the Art Bond Foundation.

He attended to Bienniale in 2015.

In 2016, VALENTINO the fashion brand had hanged 2 of his artworks on his winter collection runway.

Shahriar Ahmadi paintings are bought and sold in world famous auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams.

His works has been exhibited in the world’s famous art fairs as well.

He is an influx of painters and influences the generation after him. Right now he is working as a lecture and the chairman of the department of painting in the University of Karaj.


Shahriar Ahmadi - The God’s Eye from the Miraj series

Title : The God’s Eye from the Miraj series

Shahriar Ahmadi - To Command of Boraq from the Stable of Myths series

Title : To Command of Boraq from the Stable of Myths series

Shahriar-Ahmadi Raptur of “Boragh” from the Meraj Series sholeh abghari art gallery marbella

Title : Raptur of “Boragh” from the Meraj Series

Shahriar-Ahmadi Scape/Avicenna- Al_Biruni-Al_Masihi (Memories of the 5th Hijiri) sholeh abghari art gallery marbella

Title : Scape/Avicenna – Al_Biruni-Al_Masihi (Memories of the 5th Hijiri)

Shahriar-Ahmadi In the Search of Fire-Stone from the At the Rice Seller Arcade _Part 2 (Junction of Tow Sea

Title : In the Search of Fire-Stone from the At the Rice Seller Arcade _Part 2 (Junction of Tow Sea )

Shahriar Ahmadi Tree of Wisemen from the Nice Soile series sholeh abghari art gallery marbella

Title : Tree of Wisemen from the Nice Soile series

IN THE SEARCH OF FIRESTONE 1 2018 Shahriar Ahmadi SHOLEH ABGHARI art gallery Acrylic and Gold leaf on canvas 100 x 150 cm

2016: 1001 Nights,Dastan Baisment,Istanbul Contemporary,Istanbul,Turky
2014: Highlight, AB Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2013: Recent Works, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013: Kiss,AB Gallery,Zurich,Switzerland
2011: Archaic Techniques of Chemia, AB Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2011: Miraj, Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UEA
2010: Archaic Techniques of Lovemaking, AB Gallery, Luzern ,Switzerland
2009: At the Rice Seller’s Arcade, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008: Rumi in my Chalice(2),B21Gallery,Dubai,UEA
2007: Rumi in my Chalice(1),Mah Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006: What is maddeh, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004: The Story of the Merchant and Parrot(2),Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004: Retrospectiv, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003: The Story of the Merchant and Parrot (1), Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2002: Lion and Lord, Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000: Sama(Mystrism Dance), Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Select Group Exibitions:
2018:International Contemporary Art Armenia ,ICAE2018, Yerevan,Armenia
2018: “Teer Art”,Shirin Art Gallery,Ava Center, Tehran,Iran
2018: “MossavarNameh”,Dastan+2 Gallery,ArtDubai,UEA
2017: Valentino,Haute Couture Winter Show,Paris,France
2017: “HamShaneh”Master Artist, For Kermanshah’s Earthquake,Shahrivar Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2016: 10 Artist in Summer,Sophia Contemporary Gallery,London,UK
2016: Trend and Approach in contemporary Iranian Art,Mellat Complex,Tehran,Iran
2015: IRAN ART NOW(Curated by Marco Meneguzoo),SetarehGallry,Dussseldorf,Germany
2015: Remembering Tomorrow,Niavaran Art Complex(NACF),Tehran,Iran
2015: KUNSZEUGHAUS Museuem ,Zurich, Switzerland
2015: Tehran auction,Tehran,Iran
2015: 56thVenise Biennal,Venise,Italy
2015: 18 Veiw From contemporary Artisrt,Frouzan Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2015: RAD Auction,Raad Center,Tehran,Iran
2014: My Name is Not Rouge,Shirin Gallery,NY,USA
2014: Neo/ Traditionalism ,Tehran Museum of Contemporary of art, Tehran, Iran
2014: 50 Contemporary Iranian Artist, Mah Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2014: Auction Room,London,UK
2014: Zoo ,Shirin Gallery ,Tehran,Iran
2014:Expression/Abstraction, Melat Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2013: Short Story,Dar Al Funoon Gallery,Kuwait City,Kuwait
2013: +Pece,by UNESCO,Mohsen Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2013: Small Works,Laleh Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2013: “Peace From the Bottom of my Art”,Opera Gallery,London,UK
2013: Charity Auction,London,UK
2012: Wonder land,Shokooh Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2012:Contemporary Artist,Hamayesh Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2012:Tehran’s Auction,Azadi Hotel,Tehran,Iran
2011:Colour of Love, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2010:Van Ghogh’s Ear,10 Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010:Echo in Blue, James Gray Gallery ,LA,USA
2010:Silent Position ,Art Road Gallery, Hokkaido, Japan
2010: Iran Meets Wiesbaden, Nero Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany
2010: Silent Position, Velada St .Lucia, Maracaibo, Venezuela
2010: Urs Aebi Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2009:Guns and Roses, Eleven Howland, London, UK
2009:Iran Unbowed,London,UK
2009: Auction of Philips de Pury,London,UK
2009:Across Border(3), Radical Gallery,Zug,Switzerland
2009: Writing Art(2),Janine Rubeiz Gallery,Beirut,Lebanon
2009: Iran-Now,Silk Road Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2009:1st Part of ” Iran on Paper”collection belonging to Fereydoun Ave, Aaran Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2009: Across Borders(2),Radical Gallery,Zug,Switzerland
2008: Writing Art(1),Dar-al-Fonoon Gallery,Kuwait
2008:Across Borders(1), Radical Gallery,Zug,Switzerland
2008: Etemad Gallery,Tehran, Iran
2008: Hope,Focus Gallery,Dubai,UEA
2008: Mall Gallery,London,UK
2008: Iranian Famous artist,collection of Lili golestan,Golestan Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2008: Abdollah House,Dar-al-Fonoon Gallery,Kuwait
2007: Song of Bulbuls of Oil-rich Lands, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan, Iran
2007: Radical Drawing ,Tehran Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007: Shams’ Divan, Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2007: Collected Memories, Art space Gallery, London, UK
2007:, Broken Promises, Forbidden Dreams, Iranian Heritage Foundation, Art London, London, UK
2006: International Art Expo of Beijing, China
2006: Wishes and dreams,Meridien Cultural Centre, Washington DC, USA
2006: Artists of Kurdestan, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2006: Society of Iranian Painters, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan, Iran
2006: Contemporary Iranian Artists (Mashregh-e Khiyal), Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2004: The Members of Badaneh Group ‘s Painting exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran Iran
2002: The Iranian Contemporary Drawing Annual, Barg art gallery,tehran,Iran
2001: Conceptual Art, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2001: Shahrivar 5(Seiect by Dr, Jahangir kazerooni),Barg Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2000: Fereshteh Art Gallery, with Fereydoon Mambeigi, Tehran, Iran
1997: Society of kermanshah Painters,Avini culural center.Kermanshah,Iran
1995: Yung artist,Avini culural center.Kermanshah,Iran

2015: 56thVenise Biennale,Venise,Italy
2006:Fourth Painting Biennale of World of Islam, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2004:Third Painting Biennale of World of Islam, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2003:Sixth Painting Biennale, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

Shahriar Ahmadi at AB GALLERY – Artist in Residence

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