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Born in Spain.
Contemporary Artist pedro siratz sholeh abghari art gallery marbella 2021

Artist Profile


Born in Spain

Pedro Siratz is a painter intrigued by colors, human being and psychology. His artwork travels from different shapes and brush strokes with a hidden message

I have studied International trade on my professional side and on my artistic side a Master in Art, museums and heritage.
Before this I took painting lessons with Nelson Ferreira in the Saatchi Gallery in London. I worked in fashion retail for more than 15 years, in art galleries and also I have been managing my own emerging artist platform. The arts have been always in my life.

My parents were amateur theatre actors and the rest of their colleagues were painters, poets etc.
I am Southern Spanish but I have been living and working also in the UK and France, therefore I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have always been intrigued by art in all its disciplines.
This has led me to try to decipher what each one of them projects on people and in general how they inspire my art. I am currently focused on understanding the impact of colours on the human mind and the non-verbal language with which we communicate unconsciously. Life is an adventure that is best lived in full range of colours”.


Group exhibitions/ Exhibiciones grupales/ Expositions de groupe: 

– Pancakes and booze art show 2015 London UK. 

– Pancakes and booze art show 2016 London UK. 

– Pancakes and booze art show 2017 London UK. 

– Knack Art Show July 2019 Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

– Knack Art Show November 2019 Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

– Knack Art Show March 2020. Online show in website of organisation. 

– Art Scape online Exhibition by Cassera Gallery, Standwood, WA, USA April 2020. 

– Ibiza vibes. 5 selected artists. Aubergine by Atzaró art space Ibiza. Knack Art Show. Ibiza, Spain. August 2021. 

– REM. Dual exhibition Pedro Siratz & Fany de la Chica. Sala Moneo Jaén September 2021, Museo Mayte Spinola Marmolejo Ocober/ November 2021, Sala Antiguos Sementales Baeza Diciembre 2021. 

Solo Exhibitions/ Exhibiciones individuales/ Expositions individuelles: 

– Micro Dosis de Arte, La Rumba espacio de arte. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. July – August 2020.

– “Reflexions de Pandèmia” Fundación Biblioteca Can Torró, Alcúdia, Mallorca, Spain. September 2020. 

– “Un été dans le Gers¨. Salle d’art, Office de Tourisme de Lectoure, France. July 2021. 

Other projects/ Otros proyectos/ Autres projets: 

– Founder KNACK ART SHOW. Emerging art platform, events, exhibitions, cultural forums. 

– Member of “Coexist”. Fusion of art and environment awareness. Transform trash into art. 

– Album cover Fany de la Chica music work. 2019. 

– Project Live Unseen by LIVE WTR (Pepsi) Advert design, bottle of water from a short movie by Fany de la Chica.. USA. 2021. 

Awards/ Premios/ Prix: 

– 3rd prize “Fast Painting outdoors” (Architecture), Festival Off. Fleurance, France. 2021. 

Pedro Siratz, el tiempo del artista omnipresente


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