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Born 1994, Spain.

Artist Profile


Born 1994, Spain

Andrés Sánchez – Ocaña, better known as Misterpiro, visual and urban artist born in Madrid in 1994. He holds a degree in Design from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he lives, although his work and his works take him to travel around the world.

His origins were in the street, with graffiti, and later continued with watercolor, acrylic and water techniques in his studio. Today, he has managed to combine these two very different techniques in a unique style, full of expression and color, ranging from the warmest red to the most electric turquoise. With his distinctive delicacy he takes watercolor to the street, which represents for Misterpiro a new support, the mural, which has little to do with the works on paper or canvas of his studio works.

Over time, these two forms of work, both the street and the studio, merged to create his own style, characterized by the way of generating atmospheres that he achieves with both spray paint and watercolor.

His technique is based on improvisation, where the aggressiveness of the spray and the fineness of watercolor intermingle on all types of media. The fluidity of water and atmospheric volatility fill his works with expression and light, creating his own pictorial universe that oscillates between figurative and complete abstraction.

Although he studied Graphic Design at the Complutense University of Madrid, Misterpiro flees from digital resources and opts for analog pictorial techniques closer to the plasticity he wants to recreate in his works.
Through stains and color gradients he creates works where he himself is surprised by the pictorial flow that, little by little, is molding to the supports where he shapes his works.

Misterpiro speaks of generating sensations rather than creating reflections. An emotional bet that undoubtedly knows how to focus the viewer’s eyes.
He has exhibited and painted murals, both individually and collectively, in almost all the national territory and in places like Rome, Miami, Paris, LX Factory in Lisbon, among others. He has collaborated with a number of brands such as BMW, Nike, Spotify, Nordic Mist and Mahou.


Misterpiro at Estampa, Arma Gallery
Group shows
Before and after, Arma Gallery
5D18 at Estampa Contemporary, Arma Gallery
Group show – ARMA GALLERY, Estampa Art Fair
Fair booths
Arena Martínez Projects at Estampa Madrid 2022, Arma Gallery
La Causa Galería at District 13 International Art Fair 2019, La Causa Gallery


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