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1988, Spain
MIGUEL ANGEL FUNEZ -artist-at-sholeh-abghari-art-gallery-marbella-CONTEMPORARY-art-gallery-marbella

Artist Profile


1988, Spain

Graduated in Fine Arts with Extraordinary Prize and Master in Research in Art and Creation by the Complutense University, he won the III Mardel Painting Prize, the II DKV-MAKMA Drawing Prize, the acquisition of the XVII Certamen de Artes Plásticas El Brocense, the XXII Certamen de Dibujo Gregorio Prieto and the II Premio de Arte Grünenthal, among other awards.

He currently lives and works in Madrid, and he is the first of our signed artists to expressly link art and happiness when explaining the motivations that led him to start his creative career: “Since I was very young I knew that my happiness was linked to art. It is difficult to pinpoint a starting point through which I decided to work as an artist, I remember that I was always between papers, pencils, paints …
“I was always working on some project, especially drawing and, yes, always self-taught, because I do not know why but I never wanted to go to any academy. On the other hand, despite my young age, I was very clear that I would study Fine Arts, a decision that my parents fully supported and I will always be grateful to them”.

His beginnings within the professional art circuit are preceded by the First Prize for Contemporary Drawing of the Centenera Jaraba Foundation that he was awarded in 2011, and an early and constant support from the critic and curator Óscar Alonso Molina. Before finishing his degree he started working with the Ángeles Baños Gallery, where under the title “Los animales y las cosas” he held his first solo exhibition.

He has exhibited in contemporary art fairs such as ARCO, JUSTMAD, MASQUELIBROS or ARTELISBOA.

Starting from a reflection about the animal kingdom and from that extend zoology dichotomy vs civilization ( part of the repercussion in the context of the cultural contemporary debate) the work that he is developing in the last years revolves around a ecologic note of declared semiotic dimensions, where the concepts of “perversion” and “irony” are conjugated by postulating a critical statement that narrate some conflictive situations about the invasive (and colonial) human presence in the natural ambit.

The result of all this is a cartography of paradoxical images and in the same time visual traps, where it establishes a game with that line of ambiguity between what we know and what we do not know, between what is real and what only seems.
His works, in short, is a synthesis (according to my particular way of seeing) of mechanisms and strategies that are distorted in the triad of reality-fiction and simulacrum.


Master in Research in Art and Creation. Complutense University of Madrid. Spain
BA Fine Art. Complutense University of Madrid. Spain. Award as outstanding student with honours
Mincemeat. Gallery Unplugged. Seoul. South Korea
Perrus, gatus y patus. La Calcografía. Salamanca. Spain
Gene targeting. CEART Fuenlabrada. Madrid. Spain
Los animales y las cosas. Ángeles Baños Gallery. Badajoz. Spain

The Rainbow of Art. Artcode Gallery. Seoul. South Korea
ONE ART TAIPEI 2023. Ting Ting Art Space. Hotel Metropolitan Premier. Taipei. Taiwan
DIAF 2022. Artcode Gallery. Exco. Daegu. South Korea
IAAS 2022. Gallery Dooin. Songdo Conversia. Incheon. South Korea
PREMIER ART SEOUL. Gallery Unplugged. The Westin Josun. Seoul. South Korea
PLAS HOTEL ART SHOW 2022. Gallery Unplugged. JW Marriott. Seoul. South Korea
The Waves. Gallery Unplugged. Seoul. South Korea
PLAS 2022. Gallery Unplugged. Coex. Seoul. South Korea
ART BAZAAR. Gallery Unplugged. Raum Art Center. Seoul. South Korea
Doddling the space. Granada Gallery. Madrid. Spain
Sneakers Generation. Sakura Gallery. Paris. France
Emerging to Established. Krause Gallery. New York. USA
Hybrid Festival. The Host. Petit Palace Alfonso XII. Madrid. Spain
Hotel x Hotel. Un tributo a Martin Kippenberger. Carmen Thyssen Museum. Málaga. Spain
Looney World. Blanca Soto Arte Gallery. Madrid. Spain
ARCO. ABC Cultural. Madrid. Spain
III Mardel Fine Art Award. Las Cigarreras Cultura Contemporánea. Alicante. Spain
Deslocalización. COAM. Madrid. Spain
EAC 2015. XV Contemporany Art Exhibition. MUA. Alicante. Spain
El tiempo de las canciones. My Name´s Lolita Art Gallery. Madrid. Spain
Los agricultores. Recolectar y/o manipular. Sant Andreu Contemporani. Barcelona. Spain
Fuera de Código. Ángeles Baños Gallery. Badajoz. Spain
INCUBARTE 2013. VI International Art Festival. Valencia. Spain
MASQUELIBROS. Artist Books Fair of Madrid. COAM. Madrid. Spain
JUSTMAD 4. Ángeles Baños Gallery. Madrid. Spain
ARTELISBOA. Ángeles Baños Gallery. Lisbon. Portugal
Que el dolor sea solo un recuerdo. II Grünenthal International Art Award. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid. Spain

III Mardel Fine Art Award. Alicante. Spain
Grant V Encontro de Artistas Novos Cidade da Cultura. Santiago de Compostela. Spain
XVII El Brocense Fine Art Award. Cáceres. Spain
XIV Timoteo Pérez Rubio Fine Art Award. Badajoz. Spain
XVI El Brocense Fine Art Award. Cáceres. Spain
XXII Gregorio Prieto Draw Contest. Ciudad Real. Spain
Biennial of Young Art. Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell. Barcelona. Spain
II Grünenthal International Art Award. Madrid. Spain
III Pilar y Andrés Centenera Jaraba Contemporary Draw Contest. Alovera, Guadalajara. Spain
XII CCOO Villa de Valdemoro Fine Art Award. Madrid. Spain
XXX Fine Art Award. C.C. Parla, Madrid. Spain
Grant of Landscape Pintores Pensionados del Palacio de Quintanar, Segovia. Spain

Cáceres Deputation
Fernando Mª Centenera Jaraba Foundation
Sureste Collection. CCOO
San Quirce Royal Academy of Art and History
Private Collections

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