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1978, Iran
Contemporary Artist Daniel Mehdi Nabavi sholeh abghari art gallery marbella

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1978, Iran

Contemporary Artist, Daniel Mehdi Nabavi -1978

Daniel is mostly known through his artwork using cut mirrors, next to his sculptures, portraits etc. To him mirrors are brillant to use as material to create Pop Art. He says that we don’t perceive objects as they really are, we see everything through our own perspective.

This means that we view all we connect to as we want it to be or imagine it to be true. When you see a portrait of someone or an sculpture of something in his art, In fact it is not about them, but they are about your view on them. How you see them and how you wish them to be, it means we are looking for ourselves in everything and anything that we are looking at all the time.

That’s why mirror works for him, because you see yourself in front of his work reflected by mirrors. Between 1998-2019 he had about 40 solo and group exhibitions in Art Galleries and museums in Iran, UAE, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, USA, etc, His artworks have been displayed in Scope Basel, Art Dubai, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Art Expo New York, Beirut Art Fair, etc. And they have been sold in international auctions like Ayyam Auction, Opera Gallery Auction, Christie’s, Tehran Auction, etc


Solo Exhibitions
2020: Podium Zuidhaege, Assen, Netherlands
2017: Ariana Art Gallery, Tehran
2016: Negah Art Gallery, Tehran
2014: Naghshe Jahan Art Gallery, Tehran
2014: Henna art Gallery, Tehran
2014: Aun Art Gallery, Tehran
2012: Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2010: Mah Art Gallery, Tehran

2016: Tehran auction, Tehran,
2013: Ayyam auction, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2013: Christie’s, Dubai, UAE
2013: Ayyam auction, Dubai, UAE
2012: Ayyam auction, Dubai, UAE
2012: Opera Gallery auction, Dubai, UAE

Group Exhibitions in Museums
2019: Rijks museum , Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017: Salsali private museum, Dubai, UAE
2015: Kunst Haus Rapperswil Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
2014: Tehran museum of contemporary art
1997: Tehran Museum of contemporary art

Art Fairs
2018: Art Ankara ( Portugal Cicegi sanat kolonisi ) Ankara, Turkey
2017: Parma Art Fair ( Neo Art ) Parma, Italy
2015: Art Basel ( AB Gallery ) Basel, Switzerland
2013: Art Dubai ( Ayyam Gallery ) UAE
2013: Art Kuwait, Kuwait
2014: Art Expo New York ( Mojdeh art Gallery ) USA
2012: Abu Dhabi Art ( Ayyam Gallery ) UAE
2011: Beirut Art Fair ( Azad Art Gallery ) Lebanon

Group Exhibitions in Art galleries
2020: Martini plaza, Groningen, Netherlands
2017: Meeting Art Gallery, Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon, Portugal
2016: Etemad Art Gallery,Tehran
2015: National Library, Tehran
2014: Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2014: AB Gallery, Emmenbruke, Switzerland
2014: Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran
2014: Gallery Nikolas Flamel, Paris
2013: The Best of Iranian’s Art, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

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