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1978, Argentina
Matias Augusto Di Carlo sholeh abghari ART GALLERY MARBELLA

Artist Profile


1978, Argentina

Matias Augusto Di Carlo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978.
His Italian roots are imprinted with a long history in artistic iron smithery.
Very soon Matias becomes the fourth generation to continue creating with metal and fire, taking it to the level of a sculptural language of his own.

1989 – 2001 Mastery in Blacksmithing and Metal Forging techniques, and dominating the most complex and refined wrought iron and forging processes through apprenticeship in the family workshops in Argentina. Bespoke projects in Buenos Aires and Patagonia, mainly in the architectural and landscaping fields.

While largely self taught in the field of Fine Art, Di Carlo came to art making through a long process of intensive meditation and long periods of being a nature wonderer as well as mastering the art of mountain climbing. After spending long periods in solitude, climbing the Patagonian mountains, Di Carlo arrived at a holistic approach art making to extend the representations of his own body and thought processes through the embodiment of sculpture. This process continues into the present day and is the key motivation and holder of balance in Di Carlo’s oeuvre.

2002 – 2003 Arrival in Spain together with his wife Andrea. In-depth study of metal modelling techniques in Italy and Spain. Experimenting with diverse methods and different types of metal and thus discovering new techniques and procedures. Working closely with his wife Andrea Di Carlo, a bespoke furniture designer, in developing concepts for contemporary cutting edge unique design production.

On the Works by Matias Di Carlo

“Matias Di Carlo’s works can best be described as playful minimalism. Having worked through a highly disciplined rigour of maquette making, sketching and understanding the complexities of form and their interaction in relation to the body, he has provoked a visual form of mathematics and has managed to show how it occupies volume in three-dimensional space. While much iron and steel as a material appear at first impenetrable and inert, Di Carlo has mastered, through long periods of alchemic experimentation, to introduce colour and warmth to the otherwise stark and uninviting surfaces. The patina that Di Carlo applies to his Corten steel works are as much a reflection of the rustic colours of the landscape of southern Spain as it is a conversation with the material itself, allowing it to speak freely and in constant change.

As Matias Di Carlo has set the course to emerge as a contemporary sculptor, he has been able to free himself from the constrains of utility as well as academia to arrive at an intuitive and direct methodology in the creation of emotion through solid form. Through long periods of meditation in and with nature, many times alone in the wilderness for months at a time, Di Carlo emerges with a holistic catalogue of thought, which is not only apparent but also physically present in the rigorous forms of his sculptures. As with all things in nature, there are hidden languages and truths. The universe itself begins with a simple instruction and constantly strives towards greater forms of complexity. Looking closely at the sculptures of Matias Di Carlo, one has a sense that many of the shapes and forms have already understood that the whole is always made up of the sum of its parts”

(Bjorn Stern 2018)


2004 – 2005 Commission of designs for architecture studies along the Costa del Sol (Marbella,
Early works in Corten Steel and other metals, designing large-scale architectural objects.
2007 – 2011 Commissioned works for private collectors in USA, France and other European countries, working with art advisors mainly out of Paris.

Inspired by the vivid memories from his time spent in Patagonia, Di Carlo presents his first large scale sculpture commission “Servidor”.

2012 Matias moves his studio to new and larger facilities at Cuevas del Becerro outside of Ronda to accommodate the monumental sized works he is now working on. Further commission works for important private collectors.

2016 Matias Di Carlo joins forces with Adriana Sainz de Vicuña to promote the project of three large-scale sculptures for the Marina in the Port of Sotogrande. The three sculptures create the trilogy “Bitácora de los Elementos” and are installed along the Marina during July 2016. Designs unique pieces for the high-end brand “Ferromagno”, operated by his wife Andrea Di Carlo, creating one-off pieces and sculptural furniture.

2017 Opening of a showroom in Marbella, Malaga (Spain) where a variety of works and design objects by Matias Di Carlo and his wife are displayed. The Art Marbella Fair summons Matias to exhibit the sculpture “Luz” as the welcoming piece during the Art Fair celebrated during summer.

2017. Presentation of the sculpture “Pulse” with Cohen & Partners gallery during Art Marbella 2017.

2018 During spring 2018 the Swedish gallery Wadström Tönnheim launched its Spanish space in Marbella with the solo exhibition “Dynamics of the void” by Matias Di Carlo. Participates in a two-man presentation at Art Marbella 2018 with Wadström Tönnheim Gallery that also represents Matias Di Carlo. Placement of works to several important international private collections.

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