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Charoula Nikolaidou is a visual artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She excelled with an Integrated Master’s degree 9,69/10 (Excellent), from Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University in 2010. In 2021, her work was published in international Bluebee Magazine, Volume 6, Amaryllis, in Voice of Artists Magazine, Issue #12, by Artitnet and Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 15, April 2021.
She participated in 5th Biennale of School of Fine Arts of Greece in 2008. She has exhibited across Greece, Cyprus, London, Paris and Geneva. Her work has been collected extensively in private collections worldwide.

In Charoula Nikolaidou’s painted worlds, the eroticism, the inwardness and the ecstasy of existence are praised. According to Nancy, the scene is adequately described in terms of the body: “The body is a scene. A meaning in action,” which leads us to presume a performance of form empowers the narrative of the drama. Where that which is being done is the extensibility and the ecstasy of “Being”. Alternatively it could possibly be seen that the “Body – Scene,” is a primitive and elemental (if not archetypal) force.

Charoula Nikolaidou’s paintings, gestural and instinctive, are documented in a direct way. Moving on a purely personal and experiential axis, where the perceptual elements make obvious differences. The lyrical flow of her lines encircles the vibrating bodies in continuous whirlpools. The reprinting of the scriptures alternates into a frenzy trying to absorb the movement. They overlap and repeat in a kind of self-regulating design. In this way the notion of time penetrates deep into her work. Each line, every movement denotes time; a historical testimony of her act = palimpsest.

But what matters draw the project’s alignment with the improvisation? According to G. P. Pephani; an improvised action excludes the existence of a plan that guides it, while the plan involves minimizing possible improvisational moves. But does the continuity of the project come from the intersection of an improvisation? Does any design, i.e. cohesive timing and coordinated action, ultimately require the discontinuity, the cut and the rift? The relationship that develops between the pulsating forms and the empty space is contradictory and complementary at the same time. The view of Ch. Nikolaidou expresses the notion of silence, reminding the metaphysical landscapes of De Chirico.

In the end, Charoula Nikolaidou can be assessed as an active stage where the body and the spirit converge and diverge, the external and internal world, love – loneliness, emphatically emphasising the animosity of life and the poetry of painting, as a cathartic value against this agony.


2021: Summer group exhibition, Is Not Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2021: “Lush Art in Difficult Times”, group exhibition, Is Not Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2021: “Not Applicable”, Virtual group exhibition, Cream Athens
2021: “Togeth_her”, Group exhibition and charity sales at the Monnaie de Paris
2020: “I shall be your Eve”, Four person exhibition, The Blender Gallery, Athens
2020: “SALO VIII”, Group exhibition, Paris, France
2020: “L’art n’a pas de frontieres”, Group exhibition, French Institute of Thessaloniki
2020: “Lush Art in Austere Times”, Group exhibition, Is Not Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2019: “Anorioton – Object of the Imagination”, Two person exhibition, J/M Gallery, Notting Hill, London
2019: Group exhibition, presented by Varvara Roza Galleries, La Galleria Pal Mal, Mayfair, London
2019: “Situations”, Solo exhibition, Is Not Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2019: “Traces of a lifetime”, Group exhibition, House of Culture, Rethimno, Crete, Greece
2019: “Cultura Heraklion 2019”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art en Route Festival, Cultural & Conference Centre of Heraklion, Crete, Greece
2019: “Internal Body”, Two person exhibition, Museum of Visual Arts of Heraklion, Crete, Greece
2019: “Affordable Art”, Group exhibition, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki
2019: Group exhibition, Technochoros Gallery, Ioannina, Greece
2018: “Serendipity”, Group exhibition, Piraeus Conference Center, Thessaloniki
2017: “Daeira”, Group exhibition, Arts Festival 2017, Elefsina, Greece
2017: Group exhibition of Greek and foreign artists GFC, Aliko Artspace, Athens
2016: Group exhibition, Spyral Art Gallery & Mykonos Blu Exclusive Resort, Mykonos
2015: “Dare to Dream”, Art Display Windows of 􀀀􀀀􀀀 organization, Thessaloniki
2015: “Cityscapes” Solo exhibition, Artion Galleries, Athens
2014: “La Rue des Belles Filles” Solo exhibition, Nest Galleries, Geneva, Switzerland
2014: “Beyond Beauty”, Solo exhibition, Artion Galleries, Thessaloniki
2012: “Urban Ladscapes”, Solo exhibition, Artion Galleries, Athens
2010: Group exhibition, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2008: Group exhibition, Teloglion Art Foundation, Thessaloniki
2008: 5th Biennale of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens

2021: Featured in Voice of Artists, Issue #12 by Artit
2021: Featured in Bluebee Magazine, Volume 6

Charoula Nikolaidou

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