Playground is the fun Group Show of Sholeh Agbhari Gallery curated by Sara Zaldívar.


11 Spanish artists who seek through their work to make art a source of happiness, of joy, moving away from the conceptual art of the 80’s and taking us to a world of color and comic forms.

An aesthetic that was forged in Asia, starting with such renowned figures as Yoshitomo Nara and his Kawaii aesthetic, which spread to the American scene where other artists such as Kaws emerged and mixed this trend with others such as graffiti and comics.

This exhibition brings together:
Alexander Zuleta with his fierce criticism of today’s world camouflaged with characters from our childhood on oil paintings of an unmatched technique.

Juan Díaz-Faes, graffiti artist turned artist, triumphs wherever he steps. A characteristic, funny and repetitive image that has become his trademark.

Kike Garcinuño, influenced by surrealist automatism, later creates works between abstraction and the technical-technological, by their materials (laminated resins) and their appearance. All of them evoke in a dreamlike way figurations and narratives that the spectator has to interpret with his own baggage and imaginary.

Luis Feo, his superb technique allows him to reach superlative levels of reality as in this case, exploring the world of children.

Miguel Ángel Fúnez, who shreds our sweetest childhood memories to rethink new universes, also sweet but at the same time disturbing.

Misterpiro is the only non-figurative artist represented in this exhibition. This graffiti artist handles abstract expressionism with a delightful chromatic range and soft brushstrokes as if they were clouds.

Moisés Yagües is an acclaimed artist with long waiting lists. His work is a review of the art world through his peculiar characters that slip into a Calder or a Pollok painting indistinctly.

Sol Felpeto with a clear protagonist, the cat that becomes a thousand and one characters under the characteristic vision of this young artist who succeeds in Asia.

TKM XOXO and its particular feminist world in which their dolls claim in a friendly tone.

And to complete this exhibition, toys of Edgar Plans, with a childlike and carefree style, depicts in his works a world of funny characters, texts and objects that are repeated throughout his works and fight against the injustices of today. And Javier Calleja, who creates very visual works in which, through maximum simplification, he transmits all kinds of emotions ranging from the most acid humor to the most adorable softness.



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