Photo London 2022

Photo London 2022

“The UK Photography event of the year” The Guardian
Photo London brings the finest international photography to the British capital every year. The Fair presents the best historic and vintage works while also spotlighting fresh perspectives in photography.

In this year edition, Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery showcased a selection of works by Daniel Holfeld and Yavidan Violeta. The exhibition is to promote international artists influenced by Spanish Art, Culture and Architecture. Through the Lens focuses on the relationship between the shapes and colors go the photographs. Different movements can be seen. The viewer can notice the Minimalism, a sense of calmness, and poetic lyricism in Daniel’s works. Each piece plays on the pursuit of color and geometry found between the spaces Holfeld sought out. On the other hand in Yavidan’s works are figurative and feature people and horses as the subject matter. Her photos embrace the beauty, color, culture, and tradition of the Andalusian people in Sevilla, the capital of Andalucia. By looking at each photo, the viewer can understand different subjects placed in different events in the Feria.


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