SHOLEH ABGHARI gallery is pleased to announce STORY OF NÉNETTE by Mederic Nebinger.

These works are the result of several years of research and exploration. I decided to make a 180° turn because, at the core, I am a musician (part of what was called the French touch). Music was my universe, but five years ago, I decided to explore the world of visuals. And there, a whole new universe opened up to me.
Musicians are often blind, almost autistic, immersed in their world, acting and creating with closed eyes.

I was one of them, not paying much attention to observation. Visuals are the opposite; not really my nature, it required effort to learn. I used to be the one who acted without much observation. Since childhood, people have appreciated my drawings. My father was an architect, my mother a painter; surrounded by visual artists, I quickly learned to draw. Yet, I never really did something with it. I worked as a graphic designer when I was younger and learned the basics at the Estienne school. Now, at 50, I decided to study drawing and set a mission: draw 10 hours a day.

The goal was to draw a new object every day, like trees yesterday, mountains the day before, Aix’s pine before that, etc. I now remember how to draw many things; it demanded effort to learn. Before, I had imagination but lacked technique. Today, I can draw like a camera, and it gives me great confidence.

The joy of drawing is undeniable, and there are incredible fields to explore. I’m interested in simplification. Being nearsighted, I tend to miss details but excel in the essentials. I had to learn to observe details, see how things are made, the harmony of forms, the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, etc.

I also got into writing, exploring origins like Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese calligraphy, etc. The Egyptians, inventors of writing, drew incredibly well 6000 years ago. It’s fascinating to see how writing evolved, simplified to convey the essentials.

In 2023, the role of the artist is questioned with artificial intelligence. A database compiles all art posted on the internet, from the Mona Lisa to today. The global artistic creation since the 50s is mostly abstract; artists no longer represent the world realistically. It’s a shame, and the role of an artist is to represent reality.

Digital art and NFTs raised questions about format and consumption.
For me, digital art is no different from “FUNGIBLE “art ;
it’s just transmitted differently.

My current exhibition reflects my thinking, attempting to reproduce iPad and video game screens on tangible support.
I want to create paintings that are screenshots of our wonderful digital devices, using various techniques like acrylic, oil, aluminum. My goal is for it to be beautiful, impactful, and meaningful. In 2023, the role of the artist is to remind that humans invented artificial intelligence, created these wonderful tools, and remain the users, irreplaceable by machines.

I am optimistic, progressive, loving progress, technology, and innovations because they enhance our daily lives.
My graphic approach aims to capture the luminous effects, vibrant colors of iPad screens on traditional paintings.
I developed a character, Nénette, an expressive simplification evolving in various contexts.

Nénette represents simplicity, expressing the maximum with the minimum of details. My goal is to be the best, change the art world, and for that, I need other artists.

I discovered Spain thanks through an amazing woman, Nezha, and I think it’s the right time to launch an artistic movement, the Marbella Movida. All Spanish artists or those living in Spain are welcome. Spain is a sanctuary of freedom, and it’s time for Spaniards to be proud. I want to gather talented Spanish artists and launch this movement in 2024.

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