Monte Veritá


Monte Veritá

SHOLEH ABGHARI gallery is pleased to announce MONTE VERITÁ from November 15TH to February 15th. The exhibition will take place in Marbella, Spain.

Monte Veritá: a mythical site nestled in a Swiss Canton. This “hill of truth” has fascinated many since the end of the 19th century. Perched here above the village of Ascona, a young group of idealists embittered by the rise of capitalism, disillusioned by the failure of communism and disenchanted by the slow decay of religious dogmatism imagine the veritable utopia.

Anticipating the collapse of modernity they set out to create an alternative lifestyle free of all constraints – a community based of sharing resources and deepened connection with nature. Veganism, nudism, matriarchy, spirituality; no idea what was too bold for these unconventional minds.

This utopia of freedom and emancipation attracted some of the most preeminent artists and intellectuals of the 20th century. Frederick Nietzsche, Paul Klee, Rudolf Steiner, Carl Gustav Jung, these are but a few of the many seduced by this idea of a different truth, a truer truth.

This hill magnetic in both geological and metaphorical senses, in turn attracted Eric Massholder. However the series of paintings to which Monte Veritá lends its name reveals a somewhat more sombre landscape than its utopian alter ego. Expressive brushstrokes, strong lines, dark shades, bold colour, nothing in these images suggests a peaceful paradise.

Instead we are presented with an almost nightmarish vision of a world in turmoil. Sometimes appearing in the form of a spilled ice cream cone, this hill of truth hints at the broken illusions and the soured disappointment left in the wake of the previous utopias’ failures. Nevertheless, hope survives and a glimmer of dawn seems to shine on this unfinished universe. From the ashes of broken dreams, Monte Veritá renews the desire for change that inspired the 19th century pioneers to move mountains.


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